Stories from the outcasts, a buffoon show

The Commedia School


The Buffoons are in town, and ready to chastise their audience. With equal amount of tragedy and comedy, the buffoons charm their audience with their grotesque and deform bodies, while they explore the human condition for better or worse. So prepare yourself for a show with creeping discomfort where taboos are broken and those in power are mocked, while laughter is set free! The performance is created by the second year students of The Commedia School.

Please notice: The performance is free, no need to book tickets

This event is in english

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  • Ruth Lerche (Production Lead)
  • Ole Brekke (Other)
  • Murtada Hammouz (Performer)
  • Raef Sabry (Performer)
  • Reham Ramzy (Performer)
  • Karim Mohsen (Performer)
  • Gonca Ozkan (Performer)
  • Madelen Johansen (Performer)
  • Mohamed Farouk (Performer)
  • 2. års elever på The Commedia School (Playwright)


Blågaards Plads 5
2200 København N