The Black past of Denmark Det Olske Orkester


We start the story in the 1700s. Danes have traveled out into the world; hungry for knowledge, longingly and seduced by the foreign, but also greedy for wealth. Slave captain, priest, bookkeeper, doctor, planter and the poor ships mate make their entry on the foreign coasts. For centuries sugar from the West Indian slave colonies flows to Copenhagen and leaves its mark. In 1878 30 years after the abolition of slavery hunger and poverty culminate in Denmark’s biggest labor uprising Fireburn on St. Croix. Over 200 black workers are being killed. The insurgency has since disappeared from the Danish history books. Forgotten or displaced?
1. part of Denmark between shame & self-overestimation.

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  • Lotte Faarup (Director)
  • Jeppe Lawaetz (Lighting Designer)
  • Signe Beckmann (Costume Designer)
  • Jeppe Lawaetz (Scenographer)
  • Signe Beckmann (Scenograf assistent)
  • Bente Nielsen (Syerske)
  • Jonas Jørgensen (Sound Designer)
  • Øyvind Kirchhoff (Actor)
  • Angelina Watson (Actor)
  • Morten Klode (Actor)
  • Ditte Laumann (Actor)
  • Mireia Serra (Actor)
  • Sofie Ebbesen Nielsen (Actor)
  • James Kjølsen (Technician)
  • Jon Gelting (Teaterbygger)
  • Lotte Faarup (Playwright)
    Bach, Nina Simone (Composer)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K