Tame Wild

A true jungle comedy about finding one's own true identity .. Dansk Rakkerpak


Dansk Rakkerpak is taking a serious grip around a certain classic, swinging in lianas and becoming one with nature. The audience will recognize classical scenes – like “Me Tarzan, you Jane”. But the unpredictability lurks – and the story takes a sudden turn in the middle of the jungle! .. Tame Wild is a nonverbal performance – spiced with madness and humour – in which there is a play with the theatrical expression. This makes it into a little pearl filled with slapstick, poetry, wild dance and jungle drums – supported by a massive live musical accompaniment. The performance is based on the fundamental Rakkerpak-virtues and adresses a wide audience who will get one on the experience.


  • Alex Byrne (Consultant)
  • Troels Hagen Findsen (Consultant)
  • Niels Grønne (Consultant)
  • Christian Q. Clausen (Scenographer)
  • Susanne Bonde (Actor)
  • Niels-Peter Kløft (Actor)
  • Bastian Popp (Musician)
  • Annika Nilsson (Special effectsmager)
  • Niels-Peter Kløft og Susanne Bonde (Playwright)
    Bastian Popp (Composer)


Lorrys Have, Riddersalen
Allegade 7-9
2000 Frederiksberg