December 31st 2009



Three girls, one new years eve and three different stories. Cecilie, Ida and Frederikke are revisiting the night of the 31st of December 2009 where they were all at Cecilies party. They all remember the night in their own way, but it definitely started with them watching the queens new year’s speech at 6pm… or was it 7pm?
Maybe there is a part of the story that they don’t want to tell. But can you change the past? And when will realize that you have to look the truth in the eyes?
A story about being young and confused and neither knowing what to do with yourself on the biggest night of the year or how to be a good friend. A story about grief, lose and how we meet it.


  • Vera Gerup (Sound Designer)
  • Amalie Jasim (Choreographer)
  • Emil Hansen (Konsulent) (Director)
  • Camilla Maria Jørgensen (Actor)
  • Emma Sofie Bak (Actor)
  • Klara Sofia Lind Witt (Actor)
  • Klara Sofia Lind Witt, Camilla Maria Jørgensen, Nadia Rosalie Nissen (Playwright)
    Vera Gerup (Composer)


Landsforeningen Liv & Død
Nikolaj Plads 27
1067 København K