The Actor and the Übermarionette

a work demonstration in words and practice Forsøgsstationen


In this season The Lab Station has focused on creating a format to disseminate what an artistic investigation may look like – to a broad audience. We have thus created a work demonstration on the basis of a research project entitled THE ACTOR AND THE ÜBERMARIONETTE. It is an investigation of the artistic expression of the actor and that of the marionette and how these roles can merge into an entirely new scenic mode. The work demonstration as such is an artistic and pedagogical format for dissemination and learning. The audience is invited behind the scenes and drawn into the creative space. Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff is joined by puppeteers Bjarne Kalhøj and Rolf Søborg Hansen.

This event is in english

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  • Øyvind Kirchhoff (Idea)
  • Lotte Faarup (Idea)
  • Lotte Faarup (Director)
  • Øyvind Kirchhoff (Actor)
  • Bjarne Kalhøj (Puppeteer)
  • Rolf Søborg Hansen (Puppeteer)


Sønder Boulevard 81
1720 København V