The Art of Controversy

Loosely based on Arthur Schopenhauer’s book The Art of Controversy Det Kongelige Teater


In his slim volume published in 1831, eccentric German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer puts forth a list of dirty tricks to win any argument.

Three actors launch themselves into testing and disseminating these insidious tricks. No matter what the cost. Until only one winner remains standing.

The arguments will fly, making blood boil and sweat beads pop. We present the vilest and most reprehensible tricks, including the following stratagems: 6. Postulate What Has to Be Proved; 7. Yield Admissions Through Questions; 19. Generalize the Matter, Then Argue Against it; 16. Arguments Ad Hominem; 28. Persuade the Audience, not the Opponent.


  • Rune David Grue (Director)
  • Jonas Fly (Scenographer)
  • Clement Irbil (Lighting Designer)
  • Lila Nobel (Actor)
  • Asbjørn Krogh Nissen (Actor)
  • Peter Christoffersen (Actor)


Det Kongelige Teater - Skuespilhuset
Sankt Annæ Plads 36
1250 København K