The Chronic Innocence

Det Kongelige Teater


Janus and Tore are friends and Janus thinks Tore is an extraordinary person. Tore is charismatic, smart and always in front – even when there is trouble to be made. When Tore meets Helle, Janus is hardly jealous at all. Instead, he feels that he has fallen in love with both Tore and Helle. But most of all, he wishes that Tore – like himself – may finally have their first sexual experience.

But Helle is holding back, and instead, her mother – the mysterious and enticing Mrs. Junkersen – steps onto the stage. Janus has the feeling that they are treading on dangerous ground, and decides to do everything in his power to protect Tore and Helle. But something goes terribly wrong.

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  • Elisa Kragerup (Director)
  • Jonas Fly (Scenographer)
  • Clement Irbil (Lighting Designer)
  • Simon Bennebjerg (Actor)
  • Morten Hee Andersen (Actor)
  • Sicilia Gadborg Høegh (Actor)
  • Tammi Øst (Actor)
  • Maria Rossing (Actor)


Det Kongelige Teater - Skuespilhuset
Sankt Annæ Plads 36
1250 København K