The Gas Heart



The Gas Heart – “Le Cœur à Gaz” – is a famous and notorious text by the dadaist Tristan Tzara, written in 1921, between two world wars. An absurd parody of the theatrical conventions and a revolt against the bourgeois society’s facade – a meaningless entry into a world without meaning. 100 years later, in our version, we look for a revolution without blood – between desperation and wild playfulness – in the purest hope of a new world. The Gas Heart is staged as visual paperdada with a traditional toy theatre as starting point. The audience is close as we take the rudeness of the dadaists dead-seriously and throw ourselves into the absurdities of the paper sea. In Dada we are all presidents!

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  • Anette Asp Christensen (Idea)
  • Seimi Nørregaard (Scenographer)
  • Line Paulsen (Dramaturg)
  • Clara Ludvigsen (Production Assistant)
  • Jette Lund (Consultant)
  • Rune Søchting (Sound Designer)
  • Maria Pi Houmann (Lighting Designer)
  • Birgitte Prins (Performer)
  • Daniel Norback (Performer)
  • Anette Asp Christensen (Performer)
  • Clara Ludvigsen (Production Assistant)
  • Tristan Tzara (Playwright)


Halmtorvet 11
1711 København V