The Golden Dragon

Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts


Imagine a menu, listing all your life’s most significant failures. Now add in a spacious dining room, where each mistake loops obsessively through your mind, word for vivid word. Then imagine their hellish kitchen staying open 24 / 7. Welcome to The Golden Dragon, a Thai / Chinese / Vietnamese restaurant servicing all the nine circles of Dante’s Inferno.

This English-language production, performed by the graduating class of Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts (CISPA), serves up a lifetime of regret as a carousel of characters explore how to put the past behind you.

You simply must pay a visit: the clientele is unforgettable and the coconut soup to die for.

This event is in english

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  • Michael Wighton (Director)
  • Maria Mittermayer (Costume Designer)
  • Jacob Valet (Lighting Designer)
  • Nina Voit (Actor)
  • Roxanne Nielsen (Actor)
  • Lia Tomat (Actor)
  • Daniel Schwartz Høi-Nielsen (Actor)
  • Askur Kristjánsson (Actor)
  • Constantin Hartmut Gindele (Actor)
  • Roland Schimmelpfennig (Playwright)


Valby Kulturhus
Valgårdsvej 4-8
2500 Valby