The Greenlandic Man

Teater freezeProductions


Teater freezeProductions and The National Theatre of Greenland (Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia) present the Greenlandic man as you´ve never seen ham before!

The Greelandic Man // Angutivik is brutal and incisive theatre about the modern Greenlandic man. The performance is a journey through montages of music, dance, monologues, cry and laughter. It’s about sex, politics, life and death. It’s about his love of nature, urban lifestyle, and women. It’s a loving, truthful performance portrait for and about the Greenlandic man.

The performance is in Greenlandic with English and Danish subtitles.

The Greenlandic Man is based on the lives of Greenlandic men in Denmark and in Greenland.

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  • Hanne Trap Friis (Director)
  • Susanne Andreasen (Dramaturg)
  • Hanne Trap Friis (Concept)
  • Susanne Andreasen (Concept)
  • Morten Ladefoged (Lighting Designer)
  • Gerth Lyberth (Sound Designer)
  • Kuupik Kleist (Consultant)
  • Camilla Nielsen (Scenographer)
  • Klaus Geisler (Actor)
  • Kristian Mølgaard (Actor)
  • Hans-Henrik Poulsen (Actor)
  • Miki Jacobsen (Actor)
  • Julie Helbak (Production Lead)
  • Niviaq Korneliussen (Playwright)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V