The Hate Crime

The Laramie Project Københavns Film & Teaterskole (KFTS)


The Hate Crime (orig. The Laramie Project), is a powerful and moving theatre
work about a gay 21 year old student who was kidnapped, tortured and left to
die, on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming, USA.

Written by Moisés Kaufman, the work tells the story of an event that gripped
America. Divided into 3 acts wherein the actors portray more than 60 characters
it is as provocative as it is hypnotic and is considered one of Americas most
controversial contemporary plays.

With a cast of professional actors newly graduated from KFTS – København Film &
Teaterskole, the work is translated into Danish by Miriam Boolsen and directed by
Malte Claudio Lind.

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  • Malte Claudio Lind (Director)
  • Adrian de Wangen (Actor)
  • Amalie Nørreby (Actor)
  • Anne Bengtsen (Actor)
  • Elizabeth Rand Quaade (Actor)
  • Erik Massa Mathiesen (Actor)
  • Josephine Skjoldborg (Actor)
  • Kristian Grumme Nielsen (Actor)
  • Lotte Tidemann (Actor)
  • Louise Dahl (Actor)
  • Malene Westergaard (Actor)
  • Nikolaj Hansen (Actor)
  • Oliver Valbo (Actor)
  • Sven Buster Krauch (Actor)
  • Tine Hammerbo (Actor)
  • Thor Johnson (Production Lead)
  • Nicolai Valet (Lighting Technician)
  • Moisés Kaufman og medlemmerne af Tectonic Theater Project (Playwright)


Københavns film & teaterskole
Hørsholmsgade 20
2200 København N