The Letter

Paolo Nani Teater


The Letter is one of the most internationally touring Danish performances. Since 1992 it ran for more than 1,200 performances all over the world. The international press has referred to The Letter as cult and classic. Alone on stage, Paolo Nani and props that can be held in one suitcase, brings 15 stories to life. All of them based on the same theme, but played in 15 different versions. The same story forward, backward, with surprises, vulgar, drunk, as western, as silent movie, as horror, as circus … They have only two things in common: Not a word is spoken, and the result is hilarious.

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  • Nullo Facchini (Director)
  • Paolo Nani (Dramaturg)
  • Nullo Facchini (Dramaturg)
  • Paolo Nani (Actor)
  • Nullo Facchini, Paolo Nani (Playwright)


Østre Gasværk Teater
Nyborggade 17
2100 København Ø