The spot

Theater in the dark. 13 min. Show Teater Lux


We all have a spot.

Where’s your spot? On your clothes? On your body? On your tongue? In your eye? In your brain?
Can you see your spot? Is it black? White? Yellow?
What is that spot? Is it blind? Thirsty? Dirty? Or just on the sheet?
Dare you stand by your spot? What does it do to you? Is it in your DNA?

Our spot is completely its own, young, inexperienced, curious and not at all aware of its own power.
It has a great ability to slip into others and not look back.

The spot is a theatrical tale in the dark with a dominant sound scenario, where we follow the spot and its journey into things, animals and people to find itself and find home.

This event is in english


  • Basse Dam (Consultant)
  • Martin Ammundsen (Performer)
  • Martin Ammundsen (Playwright)
    Mathias Rosenkildet (Composer)


Nytorv, København
Nytorv 1
1450 København K