The travel to the green shadows.

A viagem às sombras verdes. (Title in Portuguese). Great Dane Prod2 / SH Produções Artísticas


Since Finn Methling wrote his breakthrough work in 1952, a large number of great artists have performed this monologue. Now it has almost been forgotten, and we are happy to be able to bring this new Brazilian production to premiere at CPHSTAGE 2018. One of Brazil’s “grand dame” on the theater scenes, the award-winning Bete Dorgam, will perform under Søren Hellerup’s direction, a brand new version of this classic Danish drama. The performance will be presented in Portuguese and with English translation.
Great appreciation to the Danish Culture Institute (now celebrating 10 years of projects in Brasil), as well as The Brazilian Embassy in Copenhagen for supporting our visit.

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  • Søren Hellerup (Director)
  • Daniel Calazans (Assistent)
  • Marcela Donato (Costume Designer)
  • Bete Dorgam (Actor)
  • Søren Hellerup (Produktionschef)
  • Felipe Dacal Fragoso (Technician)
  • Finn Methling (Playwright)
    Rafael Senatore (Composer)


Teater Play
Strandlodsvej 7
2300 København S