The Underwoods



An outdoor site-specific performance in Amager Nature Resort (Naturpark Amager)

We follow a young girl and her dad into the woods. Suddenly the road is blocked by webs, and in his struggle to get rid of them, the father disappears into the depths of the forrest. Now the girl, left on her own, must wander into the underwoods to find her dad.

Kalvebod Fælled, one of the most amazing nature sites of Copenhagen is the scene around this story. ‘The Underwoods’ creates a magical parallel universe that we will be drawn into. The girl’s challenges come in many disguises – just like nature around us does.

Audiences should wear clothing and shoes suitable for the weather and the wilderness.

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  • Lars Gregersen (Director)
  • Camila Sarrazin (Costume Designer)
  • Lars Gregersen (Performer)
  • Camila Sarrazin (Performer)
  • Hanne Raffnsøe (Musician)
  • Henriette Groth (Musician)
  • Filippa Suenson (Actor)
  • Glenn Ziqver Xavier (Performer)
  • Mette Hornbek Hansen (Production Lead)
  • Lars Gregersen og holdet (Playwright)
    Hanne Raffnsøe (Composer)


Naturcenter Vestamager
Granatvej 3-15
2770 Kastrup