To Russia With Love

Toya Production


8 young people join to solve a the homo problems of the world!

Life is beautiful and love is limitless. But homophobia, homo laws, violence and hatred grows all over the the world. 77 countries punish homosexsuality – several hereof with deathy.

But what is going on in the world today? What do politicians say? The church? The neighbour? The homos themselves? How has the world influenced the?

We take a close look – with humour and deadly ernest – on life as a homosexual and the fights being fought from Tarm to Tanzania.

The play is written by Troells Toya, the cast and the rest of the world. Get close to 8 different fates sending their love to the world- not least to Russia.

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  • Troells Toya (Director)
  • Jonas Gudmand (Actor)
  • Heidi C. Nielsen (Actor)
  • Anna Christensen (Actor)
  • Malte Odderskjær Barslund (Actor)
  • Mathias Sauer (Actor)
  • Michael Hedstrøm (Actor)
  • Rikke Wendt Jørgensen (Actor)
  • Jonathan Lumholt Stahlschmidt (Actor)
  • Troells Toya, Lukas Toya (Composer)


Øresundsvej 4
2300 København S