Trans Salvation

- a performance art musical Warehouse9


Behind closed curtains a trans woman protects herself. Time has come to a standstill. The past shows itself in dream images and surreal visions. Just below the fragile and porous surface lurks madness, damnation and redemption.
In a series performative musical tableaux the internal drama is staged where the protagonist play out inner characters in various melodramatic roles. The performance is about isolation and self repersentation and revolves around the concepts of loss and salvation.
Trans Salvation is a musical drama based on Ramona Machos poetic texts and visual universe directed by Christoffer Berdal to newly composed music by bla. Peter Peter / Kyed and musical director Nicolai Korne

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  • Christoffer Berdal (Director)
  • Nicolai Kornerup (Orkesterleder)
  • Julien Toldam Juhlin (Scenographer)
  • Maja Kall (Scenographer)
  • Jacob Tekiela (Video Designer)
  • Jette Lund (Dramaturg)
  • Christian Van Schijndel (Konstruktør)
  • Mads Eckert Hermansen (Lighting Designer)
  • Nicolai Kornerup (Sound Designer)
  • Peter Peter (Sound Designer)
  • Peter Kyed (Sound Designer)
  • Bo Hagen Clausen (Actor)
  • Casper Sloth (Actor)
  • Nicolai Kornerup (Musician)
  • Louise Hjort Hansen (Musician)
  • Marie Louise von Bülow (Musician)
  • Andrea Rebekka Alsted (Musician)
  • Jørgen Callesen (Produktionschef)
  • Christian Van Schijndel (Scenemester)
  • Carsten Sparwath (Consultant)
  • Marie Halebro (Syerske)
  • Tine Sabrina Larsen (Performance Lead)
  • Jakob Skov (Production Lead)
  • Baldur Kampmann (Lydtekniker)
  • Bo Hagen Clausen (Playwright)
    Nicolai Kornerup (Composer)


Halmtorvet 11
1711 København V