Tuesday Night Sleeping Club 2.0 (english edition)



Metropolis - Københavns Internationale Teater


Tuesday night sleeping club – a night and action radio.
Psst: We promise to have you in bed by 11! An immersive experience in your home inviting you to explore sleeping and dreaming as a space of interconnectedness, intuitive time and as an invisible political presence.
Tune into the live streamed radio channel -and off you go. Small rituals prepare for entering sleeping and dreaming in an extra sensitive state, and a specially composed sound blanket tucks us in. You may choose to venture out for nightly excursions. At 8h the live stream collects the nightly events.

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  • Zeenath Hassan (Other)
  • Daniel Norback (Performer)
  • Vera Maeder (Performer)
  • Jacob Langaa Sennek (Performer)
  • Emil Bøll (Performer)
  • Vera Maeder, Daniel Norback, Jacob Langaa-Sennek, Boaz Barkan (Playwright)
    Emil Bøll (Composer)

All play times

  • Tuesday 07th June 9.00pm


HelloEarth - Live Stream
Refshalevej 163
1456 København K