Two Parts Apart

- a double bill Lazy Susan & co. / aNorange Collective


Two duets – one emotional, surrealistic and melancholic, the other simplistic and lighthearted – explore the connections and disconnections between two people on stage. Through movement and dance theatre, images appear and disappear, stories evolve and dissolve, relationships between two characters emerge in every form – from complex and abstract to recognizable and empathetic.
Two Parts Apart is a full-evening programme produced by the Rotterdam-based dance collective Lazy Susan & co. and presents a visual evening in the theatre, where abstract storytelling, movement, imagery, absurdity and the connection between two people takes center stage.

This event is in english

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  • Alice Gioria (Assistent)
  • Iris Boer (Dancer)
  • Sebastian Pickering (Dancer)
  • Keren Ben Shachar (Dancer)
  • Catarina Ribeiro (Dancer)
  • Matthew Fortunati, Sebastian Pickering (Composer)

All play times

  • Wednesday 02nd June 4.00pm
  • Thursday 03rd June 7.00pm


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV