Vanity of Modern Panic -V.O.M.P.

Gunilla Lind Danseteater


Fitter, stronger, tighter and more beautiful… Now, Now, NOW!

The performance VANITY OF MODERN PANIC – V.O.M.P. holds a mirror to our beauty-worshipping society’s botox-stiffened face. How far are you willing to go in order to keep your body younger than what is written on your birth certificate?

Make yourself ready for a silicone pumped dance performance about our hunt for the perfect body. A body proportion twisted comedy about the longing for breasts, thighs and buttocks that would make Kim Kardashian turn pale in jealousy. And a grotesque greeting to the Baroque era’s powdered wigs and delicate soap bubbles in a unique mix of modern dance and physical theatre.

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  • Gunilla Lind (Choreographer)
  • Kirsten Victoria Lind (Scenographer)
  • Peter Bodholdt Løkke (Lighting Designer)
  • Kristoffer J. Rosing-Schow (Sound Designer)
  • Betina Rex (Dramaturg)
  • Katrina Holm (Dancer)
  • Josefine Ibsen (Dancer)
  • Emma Christophersen (Dancer)
  • Esther Haugegaard (Dancer)
  • Marie Bru Eide (Dancer)
  • Kristoffer J. Rosing-Schow (Composer)


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV