Wir Wollen Plankton Sein

Schauspiel Köln


An aging diva, her young lover and her equally young son invite you to an evening of great exhaustion. Over and over they make attempts, search for conflicts, for feelings and thoughts that are still able to be portrayed in a world hollowed out by reflexion. They get tangled up in theories, get lost in emotions, search for theater and for their own role, broodingly circling themselves, sad, dazzling, lovable.

WIR WOLLEN PLANKTON SEIN is a paradoxical meta-comedy, a pretty loud plea for silence, emptiness, quiet – the regression to plankton as an enticing alternative.

WIR WOLLEN PLANKTON SEIN is from Schauspiel Köln and will be played in German with English subtitles


  • Melanie Kretschmann (Director)
  • Malakoff Kowalski (Musikalsk arrangør)
  • Michaela Kretschmann (Dramaturg)
  • Yuri Englert (Actor)
  • Niklas Kohrt (Actor)
  • Melanie Kretschmann (Actor)
  • Thomas Garvie (Scenemester)
  • Nadja Zeller (Costume Designer)
  • Julian Pörksen (Playwright)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V