Your Eyes My Sight

Glad Teater


A mythical, mysterious and fragmented performance about a life in the dark. Four different playwrights’ moving and powerful interpretations of the personal experiences, hopes and dreams of Anne Sophie Lübeck, Glad Teater’s blind ensemble actor.

YOUR EYES MY SIGHT takes the audience by the hand and leads them through the fantasies of childhood, the longings of youth and the realities of adult life. It is an eye-opening tour de force that delves further and further into deep darkness.

And in the dark, remember, we all look alike

Audience with a ticket for YOUR EYES MY SIGHT are invited for a free Breakfast Snack from 8:30 or free Coffee & Cake at 16:00 before enjoying the performance.

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  • Lars Werner Thomsen (Director)
  • Jesper Michelsen (Dramaturg)
  • Johan Kølkjær (Scenographer)
  • Rune Abel (Sound Designer)
  • Mary Marie Nilson (Costume Designer)
  • Anna Sophie Lübeck (Actor)
  • Dan Roland Lund (Actor)
  • Alexandra Moltke Johansen, Magnus Iuel Berg, Thea Kulavig, Tomas Lagermand Lundme (Playwright)


Edisonsvej 10
1856 Frederiksberg C