News / 27. September 2016

Experience Danish Theatre with English subtitles


Now is your chance to experience contemporary Danish drama and theatrical classics featuring award-winning Danish actors, directors and designers even if you do not understand Danish. Six Copenhagen theatres and the KBHT (Det Københavnske Teatersamarbjede) are working with CPH STAGE to present THEATRE FOR ALL, a scheme designed to make Danish performance art accessible to a wider audience, including the hearing-Impaired and non-Danish speakers.

This autumn and winter you can enjoy six Danish productions with English, Danish or Arabic subtitles on your smart phone. All you need to do is to download the free app THEA from iTunes App store or Google Play and to book your tickets on your choice of dates listed below. If you prefer, you can also borrow an iPad at the theatre in order to enjoy the subtitles.

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Subtitled performances  at  CPH STAGE 2017:

STATUS/ Husets Teater
Subtitles are available in English and Danish May 31.  at 8 PM and June 3 at 5 PM
STATUS is based on a novel by Erlend Loe and is the story of how an aging female poet takes on radically methods facing a contemporary contempt of art. STATUS discusses art’s position in and balances with the world with a mixture of deep seriousness and high humor.
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TWELFTH NIGHT, OR WHAT YOU WANT / The Danish Royal Play House
Subtitles are available in English and Danish June 8. at 7:30 PM  and June 9. at 3 PM
There’s emotional intoxication, repressed desire, gender play and desperate infatuation to be found in Shakespeare’s erotic comedy. After a violent shipwreck the young Viola is cast ashore on an unknown coast in the country of Illyria. Crushed by grief over the loss of her twin brother, whom she believes has drowned, she disguises herself as a man. Under the name Cesario she becomes a servant to Duke Orsino and must suppress her immediate infatuation with the nobleman when she is given the task of passing on his courtship of Countess Olivia. In a twist of irony, the countess eventually falls in deeper and deeper in love with Cesario, who indeed is Viola dressed in menswear.
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Subtitles are available in English and Danish June 8.  and June 9. at  12 PM
Does peace give way to war just as surely as winter gives way to spring? A poet has fled from burning books, censorship and persecution, and through his poems he tries to put the world he loves and fears into words and images. Bertolt Brecht is regarded as one of the world’s greatest dramatists, but he was also one of 20th century literature’s greatest lyricists.
His Svendborg Poems date from 1939 and he wrote them “under Danish thatch” in his house at Skovbostand, Svendborg. They present a terrifying picture of Europe as seen through the eyes of a political refugee.
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Past subtitled performances in 2016/17

Subtitles were available in English March 23. & 30 and April 6 2017.
A young man lies on his deathbed. Everybody he knows has gone home, but life continues undaunted. Existential questions on life and death swirl around between the living and the almost-dead.
For tickets and more information (in Danish).

Subtitles were available in English and Danish February 10. – March 10. 2017.

A classic comedy by Ludvig Holberg. The Political Tinker was Holberg’s first comedy; written in 1722, it still remains relevant today. The comedy is about a pewterer who neglects his work and family while he engages in useless political arguments at the local bar.  As a practical joke two members of the city council convince the pewterer he is the newly-elected mayor, whereafter he ends up making a fool of himself. The Political Tinker is not only a play about a political eccentric but also a discussion of the conflict between appearance and reality, what a person thinks he is and what he really is, and what happens when a person is robbed of his illusions. As such it is a play of universal interest. For tickets and more information (in Danish).

Subtitles were available in English and Danish January 24. – February 10. 2017
One of Denmark’s most influential directors, Katrine Wiedemann, gives Shakespeare’s A WINTER’S TALE a modern makeover. Amidst Maja Ravn’s splintered set design, she creates a tale of jealousy, love, betrayal and forgiveness. In A WINTER’S TALE, King Leontes of Sicily is suddenly seized by jealousy: he believes that his queen, Hermione, has been unfaithful with his childhood friend King Polixenes and that Polixenes has fathered the child Hermione is expecting. In A WINTER’S TALE, Shakespeare addresses a highly topical theme as fatherhood stands its test of time, and as always he spins deception, fantasy and social relations into this royal drama about a family’s break-up and reunion. For tickets and more information.

THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH / Øster Gasværk Theatre
Subtitles were available in English and Danish December 15. 2016 and January 7., 14. & 21. 2017
An epic musical based on Ken Follett’s international bestseller The Pillars of the Earth. The monumental space of the Østre Gasværk Theatre, a theatre built inside a former gasworks, will frame Ken Follett’s dramatic story about the building of a cathedral in the fictional city of Kingsbridge, England. The leading characters fight for power and love against the background of religious and political conflicts in medieval England. Book tickets for THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH at Østre Gasværk Theatre.

SVANTE’S HAPPY DAY / Nørrebro Theatre
Subtitles were available in English, Danish and Arabic from December 3. – 23. 2016
A poetic folk comedy full of music. Svante is a melancholy, middle-aged man with an ordinary, not particularly successful life. Svante does not have many happy days. Actually, he is quite depressed and nothing goes easily for him; neither his relationship with his girlfriend Nina nor life in general. In the four decades since they were written, the much-loved songs about Svante by the Danish poet Benny Andersen have become an acclaimed part of Denmark’s cultural heritage. Some people would even say that the song “Svante’s Happy Day” is the closes description of the Danish national character you will find anywhere. Book tickets for SVANTES HAPPY DAY at Nørrebro Theatre.

DEKALOG / Betty Nansen Theatre
“…the greatest, most substantial production of the season ”Børsen

Subtitles were available in English and Danish  September 28. & 29. and October 5., 6.,12. & 13. 2016
DEKALOG consists of seven compassionate, entertaining, heart-breaking, intimate stories about human fallibility. Meet the father, a scientist convinced that his computer can give him the correct answer when he asks it to calculate the thickness and load-bearing capacity of the ice so his son can try out his new skates. Meet the pregnant woman who demands an answer from her doctor. Will her husband recover from cancer? If so, she will have an abortion. If he dies, she will keep the baby. Meet the impotent husband who tells his wife to take a lover. But she already has one …


The subtitled performances have been made possible by generous support from KBHT (Det Københavnske Teatersamarbejde) and Nørrebro Local Committee.