Theater experiences we can't wait for

Every year CPH STAGE appoints a group of high-profile Danish theatre professionals to form a Program Committee that select events from the program: The highlights!

The CPH STAGE 2019 Committee:

Danica Curcic Actress
Søren Normann Hansen Administrative Director at The Royal Ballet
Marie Brolin-Tani Artistic Director at Black Box Dance Company
Rie Hammer Lead editor of ISCENE and member of the Reumert jury
Sargun Oshana Director

The highlights will be announced here.

  • Dark Noon

    In a village built on red clay soil with saloon, gold mine, railway and church, seven South African actors playes out a western with cowboys and Indians, gold diggers and deadly gunfights. Along with director Tue Biering, the actors dive into a time when 35 million hungry and poor Europeans fled across the Atlantic to […]

    Det Kongelige Teater

    During one eventful night in a European metropolis, we meet 14 people who all share one thing in common: They are all roaring drunk! Directors, middle managers, bankers, advertising executives, married couples, models and ladies of the night drift drunkenly through the twilight and aimlessly on with their lives. The comedy is about more than […]

  • The Gas Heart

    The Gas Heart – “Le Cœur à Gaz” – is a famous and notorious text by the dadaist Tristan Tzara, written in 1921, between two world wars. An absurd parody of the theatrical conventions and a revolt against the bourgeois society’s facade – a meaningless entry into a world without meaning. 100 years later, in […]

  • No Sex
    Black Box Theatre

    On display in a clinically white box are 4 bodies – 4 creatures – 4 people – 4 individuals. In this box, they take on a journey through a series of scenarios where they exaggerate, exhibit, and fight against confirmative and non-confirmative notions of gender and sexuality. They are both alone and all united at […]

  • Post No Bills
    Kitt Johnson X-act

    Post No Bills is an arte povera performance edging its way into the space where composure is irrevocably lost and the new and unknown barely glimpsed. Where the choice is either death or change. And where you know the latter won’t happen until the fiction of reality is scrapped. Right there, we meet the broken […]

  • Thin/Thick/Tattooed
    Kunstnerkollektivet LUX LUX LUX

    Authentic stories of different bodies and the glances we give each other The glance is the master of prejudice. The glances one receives create a truth of their own. A truth that is ultimately self-fulfilling. The glances one gives others give rise to their own stories. Regardless of whether our bodies are thin, fat, beautiful, […]

  • The BeatRoots

    The country comedy »The BeatRoots« portrays a tragic time in which our communities are dissolving as they are challenged by the individualism that defines our time. It is a story that ranges from a crisis between two brothers to the global political crises. »The BeatRoots« is both a country concert and a theater performance. From […]

  • Waiting – Peer Gynt according to Solveig
    Tivoli A/S

    ‘The theme of “Waiting” is the inescapable of the loneliness of the human being, and the little details and stories that make up our existence,’ says Catalonian enfant-terrible Calixto Bieito. The role of Solveig is played by Norwegian soprano Mari Eriksmoen, accompanied by the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil and sixteen singers from DKDM Chamber Choir, under […]