Theater experiences we can't wait for

Every year CPH STAGE appoints a group of high-profile Danish theatre professionals to form a Program Committee that select events from the program: The highlights!

The CPH STAGE 2020 Committee:

Maria Rich Actress
Maja Riis Administrative Director at Teater Grob
Jannik Elkær Artistic director and choreographer at DON GNU
Lene Grønborg Poulsen Theater critic at ISCENE and member of the Reumert jury

  • Walk-Man
    Don Gnu

    You will never cross the street in the same way again! WALK-MAN digs into the tediousness of everyday routines in search of poetry and humor in a performance with muscular physicality and edgy stunt tricks. One ordinary day, four ordinary men take a walk through a city. They readily follow unwritten and strict rules of […]

  • Jello Shot and The Googler
    Det Kongelige Teater

    Sonja Ferdinand’s Jello Shot describes being young, failing to feel your limits and struggling with a pulsing pink depression. In Julie Petrine Glargaard’s The Googler, we meet the man who has shouldered the task of being the mental ambulance driver for us all.

  • Corpus Episodes: Mother #4

    The episode takes place at the National Gallery of Denmark, where the visitors will define and be a part of the creation of Corpus Episodes: Mother #4.The visitors will affect and shape the performance right from the beginning of the rehearsals to the end of the last performance. Further, in collaboration with the National Gallery […]

  • My Deer Hunter
    Betty Nansen Teatret

    Their lives have changed. Some of them suffer from PTSD. All of them have experiences that have changed them and their lives forever. With their families, old video footage, photo albums, ex-girlfriends and friends, five former soldiers try to recreate and play through the life that was before the war. They start a conversation with […]

  • It starts to get cold around the feet

    Death is not something we stumble upon. It is not an event in life, but an inseparable part of it. There is no chance of death skipping anyone, which is why maybe it is time to make peace peace with the fact that life will end.

  • Manifest for skrøbelige autoriteter
    Aarhus Teater

    A punk poetic text by Nanna Cecile Bang. One by one three actors talk, until they faint. Until the words run out and only the fragile and a bit too shamelessly honest human being is left.

  • Good vs. Evil
    Aalborg Teater

    Tue Biering and Aalborg Teaters critically acclaimed success, hits CphStage and Teater V four times! Don’t miss out, book your ticket now! We want happy endings. We want good to vanquish evil, as usual. That’s how we know good from evil. But the world has become more complex than that. Everything must be viewed from […]

  • Mermaid Show
    Ann Liv Young

    Sort/Hvid has invited the uncompromising, American performer Ann Liv Young to Copenhagen with her remarkable performance MERMAID SHOW.