Theater experiences we can't wait for

Every year CPH STAGE appoints a group of high-profile Danish theatre professionals to form a Program Committee that select events from the program: The highlights!

The CPH STAGE 2021 Committee was:

Morten Hee Andersen Actor (Chairperson)
Maja Ries Theater manager and producer at Teater Grob
Jannik Elkær Artistic director and choreographer at DON GNU
Lene Grønborg Poulsen Theater critic at ISCENE
Minna Johanneson Theater manager at Teater Nordkraft

  • 1984 – Back To No Future
    Teater Momentum

    The internationally acclaimed art collective Gob Squad is now coming to Denmark. It’s 1984 and the Cold War is in full swing. The Americans have invented a powerful new weapon: the music video. Gob Squad travel back in time to confront themselves as teenagers, the principal targets of this media revolution. They find themselves fearful […]

  • Ebberød Bank 2.0
    Det Kongelige Teater

    The entire economic system is put under attack when the comedy duo consisting of Frederik Cilius and Rasmus Bruun, best known from channel Radio24syv’s Den korte radioavis, take the stage in director and playwright Heinrich Christensen’s satire, inspired by the popular comedy from 1923. This freshly written satire pulls no punches as it fires off […]

  • My Deer Hunter
    Betty Nansen Teatret

    They suffer from PTSD caused by fatal experiences that have forever changed them. Inspired by the film Deer hunter, Fix&Foxy asks four veterans to go back in time and revisit the crucial, defining moments to recreate the life that once was. We watch them struggle with shame and lack of confidence while they fight their […]

  • The Robot Project
    Aalborg Teater

    Can a robot learn how to be human? What happens, when we succeed in constructing an artificial intelligence with a consciousness?This presents humanity with difficult problems and major decisions-making. For what, in fact, is intelligence and consciousness? Is a robot with artificial intelligence a living being? How do you explain to a curious robot, why […]

  • What Was Must Die – Samba
    Uppercut Danseteater

    Welcome to the blood-red imagination of the porker! A samba arena, a show ring, a hotbed, a pigsty. A circus of festivities, fellowships, secrets and seduction. SAMBA is raw. SAMBA is urban. SAMBA pulsates. SAMBA is sensual. SAMBA is dastardly deeds and connectedness. SAMBA is everything that arises in the space between us. SAMBA gets […]

  • Sun & Sea

    Imagine a beach – you watching from above – the burning sun, bright bathing suits, people reading, children playing with plastic toys. Then a chorus of songs: everyday songs, songs of almost nothing. And below them: the slow creaking of an exhausted Earth, a gasp. The performance is presented in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary and […]

    Hotel Pro Forma

    The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is a beautiful, aesthetically powerful and sensuously timeless myth that appeals to all eras and generations. In Operation:Orfeo, the story is framed by three abstract images centred on a stairway to infinity. The opera achieved instant cult status at its opening night and has since been performed worldwide. The […]

    Pernille Garde Stage Art

    LEA’S ROOM is a dark, poetic and visually strong dance performance based on a true story. The performance uncovers the vulnerable situation a child is left alone in after sexual abuse. The performance highlights the brutal change of reality, loss of meaning and identity; threatened into silence, traumatized; in shame, guilt and fear. LEA’S ROOM […]