This year’s opening performance is by the Danish performance company Hotel Pro Forma. They will premiere in Copenhagen with their new performance ‘At the intersection they get a new sofa’ at the theatre Aveny-T.

  • At the intersection, they get a new sofa
    Hotel Pro Forma

    ‘At the intersection, they get a new sofa’ is based on excerpts from award winning Danish author Helle Helle’s critically acclaimed novel ‘they’. A woman relives her life as a teenager. In flashbacks and fragments of everyday episodes, her mother’s terminal illness and her own young teenage life unfold. In the performance, a young woman […]



This year a jury has highlighted five performances that they believe to be something special. We call them CPH STAGE’S HIGHLIGHTS and you will find both award-winning companies, experimental performances and old classics. If you’re looking for inspiration this is a good place to start.

    Uppercut Danseteater

    LIMBO is the second part of the trilogy WHAT WAS, MUST DIE. LIMBO is the abyss of doubt, the stronghold of uncertainty, the zenith of transition. Deeply buried in the mud, the inner pig breaks free and takes up the fight against insecurity. Where do you go when you are no longer welcome in the […]

    Matilde Böcher & Jules Fischer

    Love, desire, jealousy, divinity and compassion. From the highest notes and the purest timbre to the deepest roar and the innermost longings; Sappho is edgy and surprising, sensuous and witty, archaic and modern. The poems of Sappho of Lesbos (ca. 630 BCE) have attracted attention for generations with their sensibility and depiction of love between […]

  • Rocky!

    We love them – the losers – who fight their way up, rising above their own inferiority and social heritage. But what if all the Rockies rise and turn against us – the left-leaning-well-meaning lot? The performance on June 9 is in English, June 10 and 11 is in Danish.

  • Mit Arbejde
    Husets Teater

    When the author Anna gives birth to a child, it hits her like a shock. She can’t sleep, she’s afraid that the child won’t attach to her, and she refuses to let her partner help her. She is seeking a place in the world among breastfeeding, lack of sleep, laundry and shopping, and is struggling […]

  • Argumenter imod kvinder

    Based on Birgitte Possings book by the same name. If there is a debat you wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole, it would be about equal rights and MeToo. Who has the right to have an opinion, and is it even possible to delve into this topic and look into new aspects, […]



Eight of this year’s highlighted performances will be presented during CPH STAGE”s International Days, as they to a large extent speak to an international audience. Among the eight performances you’ll find both dance, family theatre and digital performance and they are all a great opportunity for you to experience something extraordinary. Read more about The International Days here

  • Act of Gravity
    Recoil Performance Group

    Gravity pulls us towards the ground, pulls on our loose skin, attracts objects, and sets planets into orbit. It propels the big scientific minds of our time to develop theories that attempt to explain the behaviour of matter, space, and time. Who are we humans eternally falling while the laws of physics set everything into […]

  • KABOOM – The Art of Destruction
    Live Art Danmark

    When is it O.K. to destroy? How can you destroy something in a great way and why may it be necessary? In “KABOOM – the art of destruction” we will investigate the forbidden joy of smashing things. We will invite the whole family to wreck stuff together with us on stage. Together we will eat, […]

  • Canada
    Livingstones Kabinet

    Immersive, visually absorbing object animation theatre with live music in which the personal meets the political; about war, survival, fear of xenophobia, and a plan to flee to the land of dreams. Music-theatre ensemble LIVINGSTONES KABINET present CANADA, a darkly comic music performance about a family’s inherited trauma and a child’s plans to flee the […]

  • The Tempest
    Glad Teater

    Throughout life, we find ourselves in stormy weather. We dream about changes or even about becoming someone else. When the storm has settled, we must find our way back home. We see things in a new perspective, dream about new ways, new places, find ourselves in a new reality to which we must relate. That […]

  • Song of 8
    Institute of Interconnected Realities

    In natural light and in the drawing down of the day the audience experiences a concert of body and voice from the 3 performers on stage. Shadows lengthen, bodies move in perpetual motion, voices entwine in otherworldly songs, a parade of associations unfurl in the mind of the watcher. Song of 8 is the last […]

  • Avatar Me

    You are standing in a market in the suburbs of Johannesburg, fruit shopping. Or maybe you are catching a tuktuk down the busy streets of Mumbai. Or you are cooking in a small village in Moldova. Then, someone you don’t know speaks to you and for a moment you have no idea where you are. […]

  • Oceanic
    Visible Effects

    Oceanic is a reflection on listening and a feminist study of the hierarchies of sounds. Handcrafted masur bowls are spread across the stage, following nature’s own form with their unique and organic shapes. A woman is floating in a hallucinogenic sea, moving through what becomes a mythological landscape. She is evoking the past and present, […]

    Uppercut Danseteater

    Take a seat! Sit down! You are on the bench! Time out! All in good time! Are you in the right place? An energetic performance about finding a place in life and settling on Life’s bench. “Stephanie Thomasen proves that she is not only an inventive and humorous choreographer possessing a lively narrative, but also […]