News / 6. July 2015

Goodbye and see you in 2016!

CPH STAGE 2015 is over, and the festival has again this year been a great success, with a number of well received new initiatives and more than 20.000 happy theater guests visiting the festival  – we are so thrilled!

97 performances, a theater flea market, fun public parties, and events for the theater industry have been among the many experiences you could get at CPH STAGE in the days between the 10th-21st of June, where the festival took place. This year’s festival program has offered everything from award winning Danish performances and international audience successes to experimental open space theater and mini festivals. A number of shows have been completely sold out during the festival, among these: ‘Lort’, ‘Som I Himlen’ and ‘Blind Hamlet’.

An international focus
Besides representing theater and performing arts from all over Denmark, it is important to CPH STAGE also to be in dialogue with performing arts at an international level –  both to be able to exchange and share within the theater industry as well as for the Danish and international audience to get mutually better acquainted with the arts of ‘the other’. This year we have made a great effort in this respect, and has been proud to present 11 international guest performances during the festival. For instance, the theatergoers have had the possibility to experience performing arts from Germany, Fiji, Iran, Israel, United Kingdom, Hungary – and from most of the Nordic countries.  

New initiatives at this year’s festival
This year CPH STAGE has had a greater focus on ‘guiding’ the audience through the festival program. One of the initiatives has been our independent program committee – a group of high-profile Danish theater professionals, who hand picked eight performances and one event as this year’s festival highlights. Moreover, the audience has been able to flip through the program with help from different pre-selected themes, such as ‘Gender on Stage’, ‘The audience on Stage’ and ‘Humor on Stage’ etc.

CPH STAGE ‘Festival center’
For the first time CPH STAGE had a ‘Festival center’ at Nørrebro Theater, where the theatergoers could get information regarding the festival, get assistance in buying tickets and guidance to the various performances and events. The Festival center has also been the location for a lot of different events for the theater industry, as well as a cozy hang-out spot with breakfast, free coffee, morning yoga and a Radio Lounge with radio drama flowing through headphones.

Hope to see you in 2016 – we can’t wait!