How to enter Denmark

Updated: 19.05.21

This is your guide for how to enter Denmark in the times of Covid-19. Various rules apply to travels to Denmark depending on how you arrive in Denmark and your ties with or your purpose of entering Denmark.

Traveling rules

Various rules apply to travels to Denmark depending on how you arrive in Denmark and your ties with or your purpose of entering Denmark.
As the situation is changing rapidly, it is advisable to consult the information published by the Danish police on a very regular basis regarding access to the territory and containment measures.
You can find all the necessary information here.

Where are you travelling from ?

All countries and regions are being labelled as either yellow, orange or red. The colour categories will determine which restrictions apply to you. The colours of the individual countries and regions are revised on a weekly basis and are based on objective criteria and the health situation in the relevant countries and regions.

The yellow, orange and red country and regional categories determine what you are required to do before, on and after your arrival in Denmark. The requirements for entry into Denmark from various countries are specified in the country lists.

See what you need to do according to the color of your country here.

Your Worthy Purpose : Business Meeting

For the countries still considered as Red, you need a worthy purpose to enter the Danish territory.
CPH STAGEs International Days are being considered as a Business Meeting there are different rules concerning the isolation.

The below rules apply for persons who enter or exit Denmark in connection with business meetings. Other business purposes may be subject to the rules outlined under “other special groups of persons”.

Persons resident abroad

There are no special rules regarding testing. Danish citizens resident abroad and foreigners who are not resident in Denmark or hold a Danish residence permit may – if they are permitted entry according to the applicable entry restrictions – temporarily break isolation to participate in a business meeting.

Persons resident in countries outside of Denmark

The isolation may only be interrupted as necessary in order to participate in the business meeting. After the end of the business meeting, the isolation must be resumed without undue delay unless the person leaves Denmark after the meeting without undue delay.

Documentation of participation in a business meeting can be provided in the form of a meeting invitation, for example.

Letter of confirmation

CPH STAGE can help you with a formal document confirming your business visit at the festivals’ international days. Please contact us at

Vaccines and testing for International Guests

When entering Denmark, you will be tested with an Antigen COVID test , when you
arrive at the airport. It is important to note that you cannot leave the Airport until you have taken a COVID test. It is also important to note that this takes time and should be anticipated.

The Danish authorities request corona passport for entering venues and restaurants. This requires either a vaccine or a 72 hour old negative test. At, people without a Danish civil registration number (CPR number) and NemID can see their COVID-19 test result. Before you can be tested, you must create a profile at You can also download or print a certificate to document that you have been tested. Tests in Denmark are free – just bring your passport and your phone.

See more info right here.


If you have received, you’re final (2nd) dose of the COVID vaccine more than 2 weeks prior to
travelling to Denmark, you do not need to be tested – Not before travelling nor when you’re
in the country.
However, if you have only received your 1st dose or it’s been less than 2 weeks since your
2nd dose, you’ll still need be tested.

If you’ve had COVID recently

If you have ‘recovered’ from COVID less than 6 months before travelling to Denmark, you do
not need to get tested before travelling nor do you need to get tested while in the country
(You however need the previous positive COVID test to prove this).

Sustainable travel

Please note that aligned with CPH STAGEs sustainable mission and praxis we encourage visitors to travel in sustainable ways. The festival will CO2 compensate the airplane-travels of the people attending the international visitor’s programme. This means we will kindly ask you how you travel. Thank you for your co-operation.

For your departure, the rules and regulations differ from country to country. We advise you to look directly at the website of the local authorities of the country concerned.
A PCR test may be necessary before your departure. It is very easy to get tested in Denmark, you just have to take this test into account and organise it as well as possible.