News / 22. May 2017
Mungo Park

New Nordic Drama in English

Whether you’re a tourist or a person with reduced hearing, you can still experience new Nordic drama. Selected performances will be subtitled via the THEA-app at this year’s CPH STAGE. Other shows have been translated from Danish to English. The team behind the festival proudly lives up to their ambition, of making theatre accessible to as many as possible.

In a few weeks, when CPH STAGE takes over the city, a variety of performances will be subtitled or translated. The subtitled and translated shows help Danish theater to reach out to international audiences the same way that we have seen happening to Danish film and TV series.

Danish drama plays at CPH STAGE after successful touring in Scotland

Mungo Park is one of the shows that have successfully been translated from Danish to English with the same ambition of making it relevant for an international audience.

”Since our theatre, Mungo Park, is named after a Scottish explorer we felt that it made sense to produce our show about him in English. We played a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year succeeded by a month of touring all over Scotland. Now the show is back in Copenhagen, and we look immensely forward to presenting it!”, says artistic director Martin Lyngbo.

This show is about adventure and the age of enlightenment. It is about the explorer as a first representative of globalisation. And it is about idealism as a vehicle for great achievements – and a potentially dangerous source of personal energy. We meet the young Mungo Park as an open-minded intellectual humanist. But over a decade he turns into something far more dangerous and troubling.

Bestselling Norwegian novel performed with English subtitles

HUSETS TEATER is one out of the theatres that included subtitled performances in their program. They too saw the opportunity of reaching out to a bigger audience by inviting in the English-speaking guests.

“HUSETS TEATER is proud to present STATUS with English subtitles as part of our long tradition of reaching out to an international audience. STATUS is based on a novel by Norwegian bestselling author Erlend Loe, and the play is an obvious choice to any guest of the festival wishing to get acquainted with one of the more unusual voices of Nordic literature.” Says director Jens Albinus

Light at heart, but heavy in content, the evening showcases two brilliant performances by first rank Danish actors TAMMI ØST and MORTEN BURIAN.

NINA FABER, played by ØST, is a struggling mature poet, waging a courageous battle against all the more subtle means of modern day oppression and linguistic manipulations, brilliantly represented in a wide range of characters, all portrayed by BURIAN. Though set very specifically in the urban landscape of Norwegian capital OSLO, the poet’s journey is a very human one of universal validity as it depicts the receding feeling of empathy and solidarity in contemporary western way of life.

The subtitles will be accessible on the free app THEA. Once the performances are translated, you will be able to access them on your smartphone or tablet. You can also get English subtitles on your app while enjoying Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night, or what you will” at The Royal Danish Playhouse.

You can find more information about the performances accessible for non-danish speakers on