03.08.38 – State of Emergency

Listening post by TRANSITTEATRET-BERGEN at Sydhavn Teater CPH STAGE


Three hours, eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds was the time it took a young man to blow up a Norwegian government building and execute young Social Democratic politicians at summer camp. The performance is a reconstruction of the afternoon of July 22 2011 presented in real time, centered around a composition of authentic radio and audio recordings from this day. Together with the soundscape, a team of filmmakers and musicians work with their interpretations of the time and event. A choir is put together for the occasion.Transiteatret-Bergen presents a theatrical expression that challenges our notions of what theater can be. This time, time itself and our own memories play the main role.


  • Tore Vagn Lid (Scenographer)
  • Øystein Nesheim (Scenographer)
  • Morten Skage (Sound Designer)
  • Mathias Grønsdahl (Lydtekniker)
  • Øysten Nesheim (Illustrator)
  • Arvid Pettersen (Illustrator)
  • Fredrik Rysjedal (Illustrator)
  • Håkon Fyhn (Illustrator)
  • Anders Elsrud Hultgreen (Video Designer)
  • Tor Christian F. Bleikli (Video Designer)
  • Idar Aaserud Løvlid (Kor)
  • Hilde Annine Hasselberg (Kor)
  • Rolf Stewart (Kor)
  • Tora Kristiane Finne (Kor)
  • Karl Reksten (Kor)
  • Daniela Lancu Johannessen (Kor)
  • Tore Vagn Lid (Playwright)
    Tore Vagn Lid & Terje Isungset (Composer)

All play times

  • Saturday 29th May 3.00pm
  • Sunday 30th May 3.00pm


P44 - Sydhavn Teater
Borgbjergsvej 44
2450 København SV