03.08.38 – State of Emergency

TRANSITTEATRET-BERGEN is streaming live from Utøya at Sydhavn Teater CPH STAGE


In 2021, it is ten years since Norway was hit by the Nordic region’s biggest terrorist attack. It has already become history, but history which is by no means a closed chapter, neither historical nor political.

Tore Vagn Lid’s performance «03.08.38 – State of Emergency» takes place on June 5th on Utøya, where Transiteatret-Bergen gathers its 16 participants. Second by second, minute by minute, they will try to reconstruct the time it took a young man to blow up the Norwegian government building and then execute young Social Democratic politicians on a summer camp: 03.08.38 – three hours, eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds.


  • Tore Vagn Lid (Scenographer)
  • Øystein Nesheim (Lighting Designer)
  • Morten Skage (Technician)
  • Mathias Grønsdahl (Lydtekniker)
  • Øysten Nesheim (Video Designer)
  • Anders Elsrud Hultgreen (Video Designer)
  • Tor Christian F. Bleikli (Video Designer)
  • Arvid Pettersen (Illustrator)
  • Øystein Nesheim (Illustrator)
  • Idar Aaserud Løvlid (Kor)
  • Hilde Annine Hasselberg (Kor)
  • Tora Kristiane Finne (Kor)
  • Ingvill Espedal (Kor)
  • Karl Reksten (Kor)
  • Alexander Fiske Fosse (Kor)
  • Erlend Leinan Lund (Kor)
  • Tore Vagn Lid, Per Jørgensen & Terje Isungset (Composer)

All play times

  • Saturday 05th June 7.00pm


P44 - Sydhavn Teater
Borgbjergsvej 44
2450 København SV