3-2-1 Vote

the living democracy game FællesRUMMET


3-2-1 Vote is an interactive performance, which builds on young people and childrens understanding of democracy.
The stage is constructed as a giant board game. At eye level with the audience, and equipped with board- and roleplay, we examine our perception of democracy, which is put under an affectionate microscope.
As living pieces in a board game, the audience (is invited to) compete to reach Christianborg – the center of power. Three political parties run for parliament. They are engaged in a tough combat in the disciplines ‘hanging in the lightposts’, ‘angling for votes’ and ‘key issues’.
The participant-based play is lead a “gamemaster”, “the municipality” and a “spinddoctor”.


  • Christine Exner (Consultant)
  • Andreas Johansen (Scenographer)
  • Hannah Anbert (Scenografisk konsulent)
  • Ruth Lerche (Actor)
  • Troels Jæger (Actor)
  • Katrine Weigelt (Actor)
  • Ruth Lerche, Christine Exner, Hannah Anbert, Andreas Johansen, Troels Jæger og Børne- og Unge-Kultupiloterne (Playwright)


Spillested oplyses under den enkelte dato 1
2400 København NV