Art of Dying

Paolo Nani Teater


A neat, entertaining and moving performance.
We experience 90 minutes in the life of two clowns, on top of their career, both on stage and especially behind the curtains. We are astonished at their magnificent numbers, moved by their friendship and laughing at their mutual struggle, and we are horrified when at the same time as they get to know that one of them will soon die.
We feel how this fact affects their lives and relationship, and try to understand them when they think of death, the way clowns do. And at the same time, we get aware of something we may not have thought much about: THAT IS LIFE BEFORE DEATH!
A 100% wordless performance filled with humor, rhythm, music and poetry.

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  • Katrine Wiedemann (Consultant)
  • Kristian Knudsen (Scenographer)
  • Paolo Nani (Actor)
  • Kristján Ingumarsson (Actor)
  • Per Aagaard (Scenetekniker)
  • Forestilling uden ord (Playwright)


Nørrebro Teater
Ravnsborggade 3
2200 København N