Buyers Paradise

Tales from the stock Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening


Come to the opening reception of a new pop-up store, get the chance of getting close to a number of products from around the world and hear the stories that come with them. Join the competition of buying products at the lowest price and enjoy your chance of becoming one of the few lucky winners of this game. They often call China “the world’s largest factory”. Every Dane owns something with the label “Made in China”. All of these products are produced by 270 million Chinese workers. Even in this very moment. Are you interested in how these people work, what they think of you, and what kind of dreams they have? Or do you think that you have nothing to do with it?

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  • Martin Boross (Director)
  • HongLin Qian (Scenographer)
  • Márk Bartha (Sound Designer)
  • Honglin Qian (Technician)
  • Gritt Uldall-Jessen (Dramaturg)
  • Fanny Louise Bernth (Actor)
  • Imre Vass (Dancer)
  • Sun Xiaoxing (Performer)
  • Line Rosa Lee Pallisgaard (Artist)
  • Jonathan Hjorth (Production Lead)
  • Gritt Uldall-Jessen og Jimbut Jun Feng (Playwright)


Vangsgaards Antikvariske Udsalg
Kultorvet 2
1175 København K