Dance with me



Dance with me is a party! A celebration of happiness and social gathering.
A guitarist starts playing, and as his Latin American melodies spread throughout the room, the hostess welcomes the guests to this class in Latin American dancing. As the audience learns to dance the “Cumbia” together, the hostess opens up, and slowly the audience is drawn into a tale of journeys, letters, joys and longing. And about her grandfather, the Danish mail man, who has shaped who she is today.
And through the dance, we rediscover a form of communication that all generations can share.
Experience Dance with me in Sydhavnen’s beautiful dancing pavilion, followed by a short concert where you can dance together.

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  • Camila Sarrazin (Director)
  • Lars Lindegaard Gregersen (Consultant)
  • Camila Sarrazin (Scenographer)
  • Camila Sarrazin (Lighting Designer)
  • Signe Errboe (Performer)
  • Michael Miño (Musician)
  • Michael Miño (Composer)


Karens Minde Kulturhus
Wagnersvej 19
2450 København SV