Darkness and Nature

- a journey of remembrance into yourself Naja Lee Jensen


Darkness and Nature are phenomenons we humans always have been forced to relate to. Our ancestors lived at the mercy of the whims of Nature. Today, we live in a safe distance from both secured by artificial light and isolated walls. Living like this, it has become easy to forget our relation to Darkness and Nature. But does this connection still remain somewhere inside us?

Darkness and Nature is a total experience centered around darkness, nature and the bodily memory. The audience is invited to an in-door campsite where the birds are chirping. Alone in each their tent, they travel through sound, smell and light into the darkness and nature.

MEET UP: Vanløse Station in front of 7Eleven

This event is in english

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  • Naja Lee Jensen (Concept)
  • Kristian Hverring (Sound Designer)
  • Tobias Leira (Lighting Designer)
  • Klara Ravat (Billedkunstner)
  • Johanna Maj Thorning (Producer)
  • Andreas Oxenvad Hald (Performer)
  • Linette Stamp Christensen (Performer)
  • Sophie Grodin (Contributer)


Jernbane Alle 38
2720 Vanløse