Dido & Aeneas – an isolation opera

Kunstnerkollektivet Venteværelset


Venteværelset challenges the conventional framework of opera in an experiment from the spring of ’20 – can we create an opera while maintaining distance through Zoom?
In a kamikaze interpretation, the ancient drama of love and death is brought on a collision course with the pandemic’s loneliness and fear for the future. The mobile live show zigzags between grand emotions and hand sanitizer, colourful wigs and hybrids of baroque opera and pop music.
The universe of the opera lives on in the blog ventevaerelset.com where the collective’s creative processes and reflections on the strange time of isolation is exhibited.

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  • Anna Sofie Keller Brandsborg (Director)
  • Rikke Frigast Jakobsen (Dramaturg)
  • Sofie Vestergaard Nielsen (Kunstnerisk blogger)
  • Line Winther Olesen (Performer)
  • Thorgunnur Anna Örnólfsdóttir (Vocal)
  • Ingeborg Novrup Børch (Vocal)
  • Nina Smidth-Brewer (Vocal)
  • Josefine Weber Hansen (Vocal)
  • Maria Lundbak (Musician)
  • Mikkel Nørgaard (Musician)
  • Julie Holmegaard Schade (Musician)
  • Nanna Treu (Musician)
  • Nahum Tate (Libretto), Kunstnerkollektivet Venteværelset (Dramatisk bearbejdelse) (Playwright)
    Henry Purcell (Composer)


Demokrati Garage
Rentemestervej 57
2400 København NV