Drama from Hungary

Presentation of contemporary drama from Budapest Forsøgsstationen

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During two days a row of current drama, performancetexts and stageartistic actions from Budapest, Hungary will be presented.
Get a glimpse of what’s happening in the field of stage art in contemporary Budapest, Hungary, and get inspired by the true treasures of modern theatre.

The young playwright Martin Boross has written a board game with theatrical elements for the occasion. Martin Boross is the artistic director of the STEREO Akt Company, and he often works site-specific. The board game is staged by the young female director Panni Nedér.

Texts, work demonstration and the following artist talks will be in English.

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  • Gritt Uldall-Jessen (Idea)
  • Hans Henrik Clemensen (Actor)
  • Morten Klode (Actor)
  • Amalie Lindegård (Actor)
  • Lene Vasegaard (Actor)
  • Rikke Eberhardt Knudsen (Actor)
  • Alexander Clement (Actor)
  • Matias Hedegård Andersen (Actor)
  • Jonas Littauer (Actor)
  • Peter Hald (Actor)
  • Brian Larsen (Lydtekniker)
  • Martin Boross (Playwright)