DynAfuk Circus Shorts

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DynAfuk Circus Shorts presents a potpourri of excerpts from upcoming and established artists:

SPIDER WOMAN by Christine Bonnichsen Søndergaard, Sóley Freyja Eiríksdóttir and Jacob Rasmussen.

JUST WAIT by Teater Gry – the clown as an romantic protagonist in a poetic and melancholic universe.

RENDEZ-VOUS By circus artist Villads Bugge Bang and flamingo dancer Rebeca Ortega with live music by Kristian Møller Munar.

The evening closes with a performance concert by MØR – Anika Barkan and Mika Forsling.

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  • Anika Barkan (Performer)
  • Mika Forsling (Musician)
  • Sóley Freyja Eiríksdóttir (Artist)
  • Christine Bonnichsen (Artist)
  • Jacob Rasmussen (Musician)
  • Gitte Gry (Artist)
  • Folmer Gry Kristensen (Artist)
  • Rebeca Ortega (Artist)
  • Villads Bugge Bang (Artist)

All play times

  • Saturday 04th June 7.30pm


AFUK Scene
Enghavevej 82
2450 København SV