Ebberød Bank 2.0

Det Kongelige Teater

Selected as one of the highlights at CPH STAGE 2021


The entire economic system is put under attack when the comedy duo consisting of Frederik Cilius and Rasmus Bruun, best known from channel Radio24syv’s Den korte radioavis, take the stage in director and playwright Heinrich Christensen’s satire, inspired by the popular comedy from 1923. This freshly written satire pulls no punches as it fires off at the banking sector and the unbelievable importance of money and debt for all of us. The result is amusing, absurd and thought-provoking.

Reality exceeds your wildest imagination when hapless and indebted tailor Peter Vipperup becomes bank manager at Ebberød Bank and turns the economic system inside out. How do you make a bank with no money?

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  • Heinrich Christensen (Director)
  • Frederik Cilius (Consultant)
  • Rasmus Bruun (Consultant)
  • Karen Lundsby Andersen (Consultant)
  • Gjermund Andresen (Scenographer)
  • Gjermund Andresen (Costume Designer)
  • Ulrik Gad (Lighting Designer)
  • Jonas Vest (Sound Designer)
  • Rasmus Bruun (Actor)
  • Stine Schrøder Jensen (Actor)
  • Christine Gjerulff (Actor)
  • Frederik Cilius (Actor)
  • Mads Rømer Brolin-Tani (Actor)
  • Nicolai Jørgensen (Actor)
  • Karen-Lise Mynster (Actor)
  • Andreas Jebro (Actor)
  • Heinrich Christensen (Playwright)

All play times

  • Saturday 29th May 5.00pm


Det Kongelige Teater - Skuespilhuset
Sankt Annæ Plads 36
1250 København K