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Liva is an unwanted guest in her own life; a friendless sleepwalker waiting for bus 5C every day – that fucking fuck bus! She’s stuck in her head, in her studies and in her flat in Nordvest that she can’t pay either. But as her new roommate Makaria moves in, her life begins to change.

Makaria is a ruthless and curious young woman who lives to truly try out her life. She introduces Liva to Elusia’s self-help programme, and soon the world and Liva begin to change.

ELUSIA is a dark and funny drama about freeing yourself from self-hatred, shame, doubt and the constant pressure of a future painted in dystopian nuances.
Why wait for the system to fuck you up?


  • Jesper Pedersen (Director)
  • Mie Kanø (Performance Lead)
  • Maja Ries (Producer)
  • Mathias Hersland (Lighting Designer)
  • Asger Kudahl (Sound Designer)
  • Bob Lundgreen Kristiansen (Illustrator)
  • Kristian Knudsen (Scenografisk konsulent)
  • Maria Cordsen (Actor)
  • Anne Sofie Wanstrup (Actor)
  • Gitte Knudsen (Produktionschef)
  • Zara Lea Palmquist (Playwright)


Teater Grob
Nørrebrogade 37
2200 København N