The History Of The Future

Skuespillerskolen ophelia


A completely normal taxi driver drives a completely normal taxi. The story of the world unfolds around her, as she picks up one crooked creature after another. The main character is exposed to countless perspectives on the world’s conflicts and phenomena.

Come and watch tomorrow’s talents unfold in ‘The History Of The Future’ at The Zeppelin Theater.

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  • Steen Haakon Hansen (Director)
  • Ella Koppel (Assistent)
  • Anna Mailund Strong (Contributer)
  • Axel Semler (Contributer)
  • Frida Sigurth (Contributer)
  • Ida Gottlieb Taarnhøj (Contributer)
  • Jacob Mott Ellegaard (Contributer)
  • Christian Lollike og Solveig Gade (Playwright)
    Thomas Sandberg (Composer)

All play times

  • Tuesday 07th June 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 08th June 7.30pm
  • Thursday 09th June 1.00pm
  • Friday 10th June 7.30pm
  • Saturday 11th June 7.30pm


Teatret Zeppelin
Valdemarsgade 15
1665 København V