Teaterforeningen Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt


A Swiss-Danish family travels to Sicily. They visit a house in the mountains called Mondo Nuevo. This is the provisional home of nine Nigerian men, who are recovering from a boat trip and waiting for further travel documents. The north-European guests and the inhabitants of Mondo Nuevo exchange songs for songs and establish temporary friendship. EXODUS is a performance concert by and with family Liebmann-Schmidt. Inspired by medieval tradition, the tale is sung on the melody of the Danish ballad Kongebørnene, and reports from a valley on the other side of the mountains. EXODUS was produced in 2015. In 2018, it is already an archive of lost optimism within the recent history of migration.

This event is in english


  • Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Concept)
  • Andreas Liebmann (Concept)
  • Manuel Gerst (Scenographer)
  • Matthias Meppelink (Sound Designer)
  • Tanja Diers (Dramaturg)
  • Annegret Schalke (Lighting Designer)
  • Tiaheswery Thiaharaja (Choreographer)
  • Johanna Peine (Consultant)
  • Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Performer)
  • Andreas Liebmann (Performer)
  • Manuel Gerst (Costume Designer)
  • Annett Hardegen (Production Lead)
  • Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Andreas Liebmann (Playwright)
    Matthias Meppelink (Composer)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V