Is the fog still here tomorrow

Den Danske Scenekunstskole


Apocalypse is not something that’s coming, it’s already here.

The old nature has gone under and out of it, a new one has emerged. It’s time to dissolve the old categories and let the hybrids, transarts and symbioses come to terms. It’s time to dream of a new world.

Welcome to a party celebrating the new nature and mourning the loss of the old one.

You are invited.

IS THE FOG STILL HERE TOMORROW is made by students from the Theater Academy in Malmö and the Danish National School of Performing Arts.


  • Amanda Linnea Ginman (Director)
  • Troels Kortegaard (Idea)
  • Amanda Linnea Ginman (Idea)
  • Sofia Stål (Scenographer)
  • Sofie Højgaard Hansen (Scenographer)
  • Mads Eckert Hermansen (Lighting Designer)
  • Uffe Christensen (Sound Designer)
  • Astrid Lindhardt Iversen (Assistant Director)
  • Troels Kortegaard (Performer)
  • Vanessa Moliné (Performer)
  • Thomas Diepeveen (Performer)
  • Nanna Tychsen, Alexandra Moltke (Playwright)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V