forgetting … remembering

Two solos Teater Refleksion


Melanie Thompson (interdisciplinary artist) and Bjarne Sandborg (Director at Teater Refleksion) have collaborated on the development of personal solo works. Their exploration has examined in part the combination of different scenic languages, and in part the concept of remembrance as a catalyst for discovery and recognition of contemporary issues.
Uniting their interdisciplinary experience and methods has resulted in the creation of two very different expressions.
Melanie’s point of departure has been the medium of film along with the theme of memory, and Bjarne’s has been the creation of story through the use of objects, light, and body, along with the theme of forgetting.

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  • Melanie Thompson (Director)
  • Melanie Thompson (Scenographer)
  • Bjarne Sandborg (Scenographer)
  • Melanie Thompson (Dukkemager)
  • Bjarne Sandborg (Dukkemager)
  • Kim Glud (Lighting Designer)
  • Deadbeat Films (Video Designer)
  • Speakman Sound (Sound Designer)
  • Sarah Constintindies (Consultant)
  • Petra Berg Holbek (Consultant)
  • Lisa Griffiths (Consultant)
  • Christine Fentz (Consultant)
  • Kathryn John (Consultant)
  • Amanda Sigaard (Costume Designer)
  • Babara Bridger (Other)
  • Bjarne Sandborg (Performer)
  • Melanie Thompson (Performer)
  • Maja Ravn (Production Assistant)
  • Søren Stendahl (Production Assistant)
  • Melanie Thompson og Bjarne Sandborg (Playwright)
    Robert Mellin (Composer)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K