Gueules Noires

Coalface - A dance performance from the depths of the coal mine Compagnie Niya


Through urban dance, GUEULES NOIRES explores the fate of the many faceless who helped to shape France; the miners, whose lifelong, hard work literally stoked the fires of the French economy in the post-war era.

Choreographer, Rachid Hedli’s family came to France as a guest worker, and his father found a job as a miner. The title of the performance, GUEULES NOIRES (Black Faces), refers to both the slang word for the soot-covered miners, and a term of abuse for the new, dark-skinned French citizens from North Africa. The coal mines gave them a new life in France, but for Rachid’s father, the coal mines also proved to be deadly, as he died of lung cancer after years of breathing in the coal d


  • Rachid Hedli (Dancer)
  • Jéremy Orville (Dancer)
  • Valentin Loval (Dancer)
  • Abderrahim Ouabou (Dancer)
  • Romuald Houziaux (Dancer)
  • Romuald Houziaux (Composer)


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV