Teatret KrisKat


Lessons in happiness from the happiest people on Earth: The Danish king sends his most trusted Danish knight and his son-in-law (from Las Vegas) to teach the people of the world how to be happy, Danish-style. These two “happiness consultants get it right, get it wrong, create beauty and chaos, and leave you with a new-found respect for your own sense of joy. Interactive Outdoor Street Theater Comedy with powerstilts, singing, drama and a real New Orleans Jazz Funeral
“A mobile street theater performance for the whole family with the two streetperformers Paul Gordon and Kristian Dinesen.

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  • Erik Pold (Director)
  • Kristian Dinesen (Actor)
  • Paul Gordon (Actor)
  • Tanja Bovin (Costume Designer)
  • Tanja Bovin (Rekvisitør)
  • Teatret KrisKat (Playwright)


Kultorvet, København
Kultorvet 2
1175 København K