Hidden Number

Cantabile 2


A message ticks in on your phone. The number is hidden, but the contents are not to be mistaken. You are going on a journey through a secret Copenhagen. And your companions are people you just met.

You don’t know the destination, but where you will go, who you will meet and what you will do, is closely connected to you investment in yourselves and each other. You will simultaneously be existential detectives and urban explorers – specials guests in each other’s lives and important visitors in a Copenhagen you didn’t know existed.

»HIDDEN NUMBER« will blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

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  • Nullo Facchini (Director)
  • Paola Serafini (Scenographer)
  • Anna Bove Eiler (Assistant Director)
  • Lui Angelini (Scenograf assistent)
  • Anna Bove Eiler (Performer)
  • Loa Carlslund (Performer)
  • Nullo Facchini (Performer)
  • Siri Facchini Haff (Performer)
  • Karolina Pietrzykowska (Performer)
  • Al Seed (Performer)
  • Steffen Sommerstedt (Performer)
  • Maria Stoyanova (Performer)
  • Sandra Yi Sencindiver (Performer)
  • Angela Østergaard (Performer)
  • Natali Khokhlova (Performer)
  • Allan Hansen (Teknisk chef)
  • Gavin Charles Clarke (Production Lead)
  • Delia Trice (Performance Lead)
  • Karen Zenia hal Hermansen (Production Lead)
  • Koncept: Cantabile 2 (Playwright)


Skolen på Duevej
Duevej 63
2000 Frederiksberg