A performance about the hunger within all of us Auto:verk


Hunger is a solo-performance about craving and addiction. No matter who or what we are, hunger and yearning obsessively for something is not unfamiliar to us. Hunger for food, warmth, money, intimacy, love. Even though not many people in the western world expiriences true hunger based on lack of food, we know all about craving different stimuli such as drugs, alcohol, sugar, sex, shopping, social media – and not least of all work can become an addiction.Hunger is a condition of human life, a raw basic instinct that we cannot escape. In the performance Hunger we are confronted with our own hungry demons and one of the taboos of our society in a collage of physical images, lyrical text and sou

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  • Lene Kreilgaard (Concept)
  • Jenny Major (Choreographer)
  • Erik Ebert (Consultant)
  • Camilla Calundahn-Rehder (Scenographer)
  • Martin Barnung Danielsen (Lighting Designer)
  • Lene Kreilgaard (Idea)
  • Lene Kreilgaard (Performer)
  • Camilla Calundahn-Rehder (Performance Lead)
  • Martin Barnung Danielsen (Lighting Technician)
  • Nina Sokol (Playwright)
    Knud Riishøjgård (Composer)