It Finishes when It Finishes

Det Kongelige Teater


We all remember the tingling sensation from our childhood when we experienced a magic trick: A rabbit suddenly coming out of a hat or a woman being cut in half. With It Finishes when It Finishes, Corpus + the award-winning Greek-Swiss choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis play with the perception of reality by performing magic on stage.

The performance challenges the classical composition of a piece and in a great fusion of movement and magic, it explores our ability to distinguish between illusion and reality. It Finishes when It Finishes not only incorporates magic on stage but discovers the magic of the stage itself.

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  • David Kretonic (Lighting Designer)
  • Mette Morild (Costume Designer)
  • Rémy Berthier (Consultant)
  • Zoé Bernabéu (Dancer)
  • Marco Herlev Høst (Dancer)
  • Nastia Ivanova (Dancer)
  • Hazuki Kojima (Dancer)
  • Pierre Piton (Dancer)
  • Alexander Stæger (Dancer)
  • Alison Smith (Pianist)
  • Nanna Bjerre (Rekvisitør)
  • Martin Ilsøe (Production Lead)
  • Kasper Riisberg (Teknisk chef)
  • Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou (Composer)


Corpus, A-salen, Det Kgl. Teater
Tordenskjoldsgade 10
1055 København K