JOB – a simple man

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In an intense and musical dramatization, J O B tells the story of the emigrant’s journey from the old world – a little village in Russia – to the new world in Manhattan, New
York. Mendel Singer loses everything and ultimately experiences a miracle. A timely story of encountering a new culture, a new life – in a new world. Adapted from Joseph Roth’s novel.
A powerful performance in a simple set-up, where music and theatre meet storytelling with award winning actress Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum in every role.
Music written and performed in the Eastern European Klezmer tradition by principal oboist of The Danish Royal Orchestra Henrik Goldschmidt and the accordion virtuoso Anders Singh Vesterdahl.

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  • Rolf Heim (Director)
  • Karen-Maria Bille (Dramaturg)
  • Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum (Actor)
  • Anders Singh Vesterdahl (Musician)
  • Henrik Goldschmidt (Musician)
  • Karen-Marie Bille (Playwright)
    Anders Singh Vesterdahl og Henrik Goldschmidt (Composer)


Nyhavn 16
1051 København K